Creative Outlet to Inspired Business


In April of 2006, what started as inspired mementos for Mother's Day, turned into the Lew's Jewelry you see today. Struggling to find gifts, I walked the aisles of the craft store until I found myself in the beads section...love at first sight! Over the years, beading turned to wire work and then metalsmithing (dabbling in enamel from time to time). Self taught, (at times, with much blood, sweat and tears) I've come to not just strive for a memorable end product but have learned to enjoy the process and more importantly, savor the inspiration. From hand formed earring wires to "old world" inspired hair accessories, it is a satisfying creative outlet to fabricate wire and sheet metal into something people wear and treasure! 

Lew's Jewelry has been a business for 8 years, and still pursues making keepsakes simple and memorable.